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Encaustic Process

Encaustic as a medium is a combination of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. The wax is heated/melted, then applied by brush, then each layer is fused with a torch to the layer below to help it all combine and become one thick layer.

Encaustic painting has been practiced for thousands of years, but in more recent times, you might be familiar with Jasper Johns' amazing encaustic alphabet and other works.

  • Size Matters

    It makes sense that different areas in a home, office or commercial setting have different needs. Everything here can be made in different sizes.

  • Commissions

    Creating based on a palette or desired composition can be arranged. Let's make something based on your vision and needs.

  • Recent Work

    Not everything I've made is on the site. While I try to keep it current, some things just go out the door. Hopefully, I took a picture.